Viewers in tears as heartbreaking video shows life of ageing Golden Retriever Marley

Marley is now eight and his owners couldn’t help but feel emotional when going through old photos from when he was a puppy

An emotional look at one Golden Retriever and his journey through life has captured hearts.

The clip encapsulates Marley’s eight years so far, from 2013 until the present, and perfectly captures the experience of watching your dog grow older in front of you – and the range of emotions that come with it.

It begins by saying “nobody prepares you for how hard it is to watch your dog get older”.

The video, which has been viewed more than 140,000 times and has amassed over 25,000 likes, shows Marley as an adorable puppy way back in 2013, before showing him a little more grown up in 2015 at the age of two.

We then fast forward all the way to present day 2021, with Marley having reached the age of eight and now a fully grown and extremely fluffy dog, all while ABBA’s emotive hit ‘slipping through my fingers’ plays in the background.

It’s something that dog owners can relate to, and left some viewers emotional and in tears.

Marley, @marleydagoldendog on TikTok, is from the Philippines and has almost 3,000 followers on the video sharing app.

Viewers were clearly touched by the video, with one commenting: “Can you hug your dog for me? I’m crying.”

Another commenter wrote: “I feel you so much. I’ve had my dog with me since 2010 and I can see the changes in him now.

“He gets tired easily. I can’t imagine life without him.”

A third added: “They deserve an endless life.”