Woman shares genius hack for clipping her dog’s nails and it works every time

A pet owner has shared her unusual technique for grooming her dog, Honey the Italian greyhound – saying it’s incredibly simple and works every time for her stressed-out pooch

A woman has shared her unusual technique for clipping her stressed-out dog’s nails – adding that it works every time.

Ashleigh Young had to groom Honey the Italian greyhound, but the poor pooch gets a bit antsy whenever the nail clippers come out, so she has to get creative.

Together with her partner, Luke, Ashleigh made a ‘doggy bag’, which resembles a hammock with gaps for Honey’s legs to dangle down.

Ashleigh, from Queensland, Australia, said that the technique really relaxes Honey – and the pampered pooch will dangle peacefully throughout the whole process.

The video, captioned ‘how to clip your dog’s nails 101’, has been viewed over 500,000 times despite only being live for just over 48 hours, and has received hundreds of comments.

One user, named Bill, said: “Our dog sounds like she’s getting murdered when we do hers.”

And another added: “Does this work for absolutely psycho dogs?”

“I just gave up trying to cut my Iggy’s nails after only getting one before she bolted,” wrote a third user. “Will try this tomorrow.”

While a fourth said: “This is like what groomers and vets do with flinchy dogs and cats.”

In other news, visitors to a British pub were baffled when they looked up to the huge boozer’s roof and spotted a tiny sausage dog towering above the people below.

A picture of the Three Merry Lads pub in Sheffield had the internet in stitches after people spotted the tiny dog perched proudly on its roof.

It was taken by a man who was out walking his own dog in the city in south Yorkshire, who said he could hear barking but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

Then he found the source, a tiny dachshund perched on the roof of the pub, which appears to be a great way from the ground – a daunting climb for a big dog, and a gigantic effort for the little pooch.