Daughter gives presentation to explain to parents why she’s become a stripper

TikTok star Lexi wanted to inform her parents about her new profession, and thought the best way to tell them was through the medium of a PowerPoint presentation

A daughter gave a PowerPoint presentation to explain to her parents why she’s become a stripper – and people are amazed that they took it so well.

TikTok star Lexi recently took up the unorthodox profession and wanted to share the news with her parents, and the sweet moment was captured on film by her sister, Sami, who uploaded it to her TikTok account under the username @mildwestsami.

In the clip, Lexi can be seen hosting a presentation for her bemused parents, which starts by saying she has a secret to share, before the big reveal on slide three.

Uploaded on August 30, the video received over 5.4 million hits in just a matter of weeks – and many people were amazed at how well Lexi’s parents took the news, and praised them for not interrupting.

In the video Lexi, from Portland, Oregon, said: “Before you start worrying or getting excited, this secret pertains to my life, it doesn’t affect anyone.

“The only reason I’m sharing is because I want the people I love and trust the most to know what’s going on in my life and be a part of it.

“What this secret does mean; I’m talented, I’m cool, I’m powerful. What this secret does not mean; I’m pregnant or in danger.”

“Are you ready for this? Drum roll – I’m a stripper! As in I pole dance at a strip club and I love it.”

After the big reveal, Lexi showed another slide that was full of common questions and she went through them one by one.

She continued: “The first question, you might be thinking why? Well, it’s a sex-positive environment and I can express myself, through performance – the theatrics if you will.

“How am I staying safe? Well you see there’s full anonymity in this club environment, you might not know how this works.

“The culture of strip clubs in Portland is very much sex-positive and very safe, there are no drugs or shady business practices that are commonplace or anything like that.

“Is that why I’m able to suspiciously afford stuff? Yes, it is, I’m making monies doing that.

“Do I do any other kinds of sex work? No. All I do is dance you see, I get to chat with people, there’s no other sort of things to it really

“Is it under-the-table income? No, I do pay my taxes.”

After going through the frequently asked questions, Lexi then opens up to the floor and her mum, who is a devout Christian, soon chips in.

She said: “I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us, and I’m glad you feel powerful.”

After the video was shared online, other TikTok users commented their appreciation of the video – praising the parents for taking the news so well.

One user, with the name Dev, said: “Your mum is so supportive.”

And a second person said: “The PowerPoint was so concise and informative, I love it.”

Then after a while, Lex gave more information in the comments section.

She said: “For anyone wondering, my dad’s only question was, ‘how much money are you making?’

“They’re seriously the best and earned the trust and respect we share.”